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Go-Go Reality Show Trailer
Be'La Dona Ft. First Ladies of Go-Go: "Tribute to Black Women in History" @ 2020 Go-Go Awards

Be'La Dona Ft. First Ladies of Go-Go: "Tribute to Black Women in History" @ 2020 Go-Go Awards

This performance at the 2020 Go-Go Awards at the Howard Theatre included a multimedia slideshow spotlighting great Black women in history as DC welcomes its first Black woman vice president, Kamala Harris, and celebrates the many Black women who paved the way. Be'La Dona ( is a crowd favorite, an all-female group of master musicians that was named "Grown and Sexy Band of the Year" as well as "Cultural Influencers" from the Mayor's Office of Women's Policy and Initiatives in 2020. The First Ladies of Go-Go are an ensemble created by Don't Mute DC that debuted at the Eaton Workshop during the DC-New Orleans concert and conversation series in Sept. 2019 in collaboration with the NMAAHC Ambassadors. A rotating roster of top female vocalists from various Go-Go bands have been invited to perform as "The First Ladies of Go-Go." In this intergenerational performance, the beloved Be'La Dona warmly welcomed emerging women artists. Be’la Dona Band Roster: Cherie Agurs- Keyboards Claudia Rogers- Keyboards Shannon Browne- Drums Natasha Proctor- Percussion Alena Budd- Guitar Storm Thomas- Bass Karis Hill- Vocals Dani Jordan- Vocals Ashley Brown- Vocals Janico Enterprise Mgr. John Agurs Special Guests in order of appearance: Tashi Mhoon Cooper, Dancer in Red, (student, Duke Ellington School of the Arts) J'TA Freeman, Vocalist (IG: @therealjtanya) Christa Lee, Vocalist (IG: @christalee_music ) Kimise "Songbird" Lee, Vocalist ( Presented by the Go-Go Museum & Cafe in collaboration with Traditional Arts DC.
Go-Go Verses: New School v. Old School --TOB Band and Show meets Pure Elegance @ 2020 Go-Go Awards

Go-Go Verses: New School v. Old School --TOB Band and Show meets Pure Elegance @ 2020 Go-Go Awards

This showcase at the 2020 Go-Go Awards that aired on Nov. 22, 2020 pays homage to the music and social media phenomenon that became an antidote to the loneliness and isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as millions were locked down at home under quarantine. "Go-Go Verses" was filmed in Washington, D.C.'s historic downtown Anacostia in the Secret Garden stage behind the future home of the Go-Go Museum & Cafe. This intimate conversation between two bands represents two very different strains of Go-Go. Representing the old school is Pure Elegance ( known for 1990s megabits such as “Put Ya One Leg Up.” Their rich horn section and experienced musicianship represent classic, straight-up Go-Go. In 2020, Pure Elegance had a new hit with their song, “Can't Mute Us” ( has been ubiquitous at marches for Black Lives and Black Votes that raged in the streets following the heinous police murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. "Can't Mute Us" was a 2020 Go-Go Awards finalist in the "Best Song" and "Best Video" categories. An exemplar of Go-Go's new school is TOB Band & Show. Band Leader Lil' Chris Proctor started the band in junior high, and they are among the leaders of the "bounce beat" sound, rich in timbales, with fast-paced, punk energy that is popular among a new generation of Go-Go fans. TOB has also served as the Pied Piper of DC protests throughout 2020. Chances are if you heard musical protests for Black Lives in the nation's capital in 2020, it was very highly likely it was TOB, aka the Take Ova Band. The 2020 Go-Go Awards were TOB's break-out year. They earned both "Best Band" and "Best Bounce Beat Band" awards, an important milestone and a sign of the future of go-go. In this intimate exchange, fans learned about the family ties across the two bands and their musical lineage to Godfather of Go-Go Chuck Brown. Anwan "Big G" Glover of Backyard Band (winner of the Lead Talker of the Year as well as Petey Greene Awards for Community Advocacy awards) makes a guest appearance. Glover leads the Backyard Band which dominated the 2020 Go-Go Awards as finalists in nearly half of the categories and nabbing the top prizes for Best Rhythm section, Virtual/Livestream Show, Drummer, and Male Singer. Providing expert commentary between rounds of the Go-Go Verses is Go-Go Radio Live Founder Nico the Gogo-ologist and C-Bo, founder of Bounce Beat Radio. "It's Marvelous" Comedian Davey Ruffin ( opens the show with a coin toss. The 2020 Go-Go Awards were presented by the Go-Go Museum & Cafe in collaboration with Traditional Arts DC. This Go-Go Verses showcase was underwritten by the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and the Humanities.
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Just as brass bands are to New Orleans or country music is to Nashville, Go-Go music is D.C.'s own soundtrack.

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The Go-Go Museum & Café provides a foundational introduction to Go-Go music and culture from its headquarters in the historic Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Go-Go music is a brand of funk, R&B, hip-hop, and Afro-Latin rhythms created in the 1970s by "Godfather of Go-Go" Chuck Brown and his Washington D.C. fans. On February 19, 2020, Mayor Muriel Bowser signed a law naming Go-Go the Official Music of Washington, D.C.

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