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About the Museum

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The Go-Go Museum & Café provides a foundational introduction to Go-Go music and culture from its headquarters in the historic Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Go-Go music is a brand of funk, R&B, hip-hop, and Afro-Latin rhythms created in the 1970s by "Godfather of Go-Go" Chuck Brown and his Washington D.C. fans. On February 19, 2020, Mayor Muriel Bowser signed a law naming Go-Go the Official Music of Washington, D.C.

Our Mission to document, preserve, and innovate Go-Go music, whose polyrhythms have roots in West Africa. We connect this sound to its diasporic roots through our exhibitions, programs, and partnerships and create opportunities for international collaborations.


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Washington, DC 94158

The Go-Go Museum & Café is bringing this legislation to life by hosting live music and physical exhibitions at our location in Southeast Washington and mobile exhibits and performances online and off-site. The Go-Go Museum & Café stays true to the call-and-response nature of go-go with innovative cultural activations that engage longtime D.C. residents, newcomers, and tourists alike. This living museum needs your participation to preserve this art form's history and to secure its future.

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